I have always been a sexual person going right back to youngster years,
when I used to orgasm from humping my pillow and tell all my friends and family about ‘rocking,’ the pleasurable pillow-act that tickled so. Unbeknownst to me that it was sexual.

My inquisitive nature has been with me through everything in life, finding myself openly experimental. I do not think our sexuality should be so taboo or that our fetishes should be shushed, so if you want someone to act on your wildest fantasies, you’ve found your woman.

At the ripe old age of 33, with 8 years professional femdomme under my belt, I dominate men of all ages, whilst still having youth on my side as a treat for you to feast your eyes on, not to mention my tight curves.

I will open your mind and extract your deepest darkest fantasies, break you down, exposed, open, vulnerable, and throbbing.

Most people ask me about the beginning of my journey, so I will enlighten you…

My professional journey began in 2016 when I was pretending to be a ‘normal’ and found myself camming on the side of my ‘real job.’ Although really it goes back further to University, where I found myself living with a beautiful stripper. I was instantly attracted to her the first time I saw her in the lecture theatre, she stuck out like a bright pink alt barbiegirl sore thumb and I wanted to know her immediately. I complimented her trainers, she complimented my eyebrows and we became friends instantly. I was always so impressed how confident she was to put herself out there so unashamedly, dressing like a fabulous Harajuku Girl every day. She had balls and our relationship impacted me. I had balls in spirit but didn’t show it so easily. I thought at that time I would have more longevity in a mainstream career. Sex work was always in the back of my mind.  

I never quite found my place in the mainstream working world. Being kicked about as a runner for some years amongst other jobs, I hating being a bitch. Blame culture, awkwardness and politics. No thanks. It was driving me crazy. I was too headstrong, independent and ambitious, and stuck. Other people were my bitches, not the other way around. So that’s when I started on webcam, on the side, testing the water. Immediately I was making the same £amount in an hour as in a day so I decided to pack it all in, quit my job to be a domme. I was 100%, no doubt at all.

During the webcam days I met my first devoted slave, he’s to thank for bring me from the online world to the real world of BDSM. He would say I know you will be the best mistress in the world some day. He was a cutie. I hadn’t been in a dungeon before, he had been in many. To help me to begin realtime sessions he linked me to a few of his favourite professional mistresses. The one that stuck out was my now Fairy DommeMother, Mistress Miranda. I asked if she would take me on as her trainee and she didn’t need anyone under her wing, and alas, it’s not something she offered. But if I wanted to bring my client we could independently double domme him together. And my first session was born. 

I walked in to her 4 tier dungeon with a medical room, suspension room, prison block, and boudoir, and filled with wonder and awe… and butterflies. So many toys, gadgets, smells and beautiful fetishwear items. I wanted to know what everything was and how it worked, there were so many fascinating foreign objects. I remember that feeling of visceral excitement so vividly. You have those moments a handful of times in life, when you know your course is goin to change forever. I was stricken with Miranda’s natural dominance, her no bullshit approach spread an air of authenticity. I did not bombard her with questions, I wanted to learn slowly and thoroughly. I barely did anything in the first session, my slave was staring at me happily obsessed while poor Miranda did all the work, but we had a giggle. Her love and in-depth knowledge of technical BDSM toys and bondage rubbed off on me. Today my subs love this traditional session influence and integration of old school methods and techniques.  

For the next couple of years I freelanced as both a dominatrix and a slavegirl, I was so obsessed with this curious underground subculture that I wanted to do everything. I wanted to be a dominatrix more than a slavegirl, but at the start I was greedy for it all. What better way to get a deep understanding of submissiveness then to experience it for yourself? Anyway, the next step was building my own dungeon. So that’s what I did, and I did it fast. Ever since, I have been strictly dominant. And from there, the true journey began…

Well, that’s enough of my stories for now. As time goes on the world of BDSM serves me more and more.

So, now it’s your turn to join me and tell me your secrets to meet me in real life.

Get to know me here by talking to me online.