10. Fuck The World

I knew it had started when I saw the look in her eye. The moment I saw that look – that cheeky glint – I knew it would be something else. In trouble. We had met before. Several times in fact. She always had a way to draw me back. Always finding a way for me to explore sides of myself I didn’t know existed. To become more comfortable in myself. At the bottom of the stairs I met her eyes and her smile. Watched her ascend the straits with a rising sense of anticipation. The occasional backward glance to check I was following. I entered into the boudoir. So familiar. So well put together. A safe space where all inhibitions go out the window. She removed my clothes seductively. I knew that she was in charge. Despite myself I was getting harder and harder. I never stopped being hard for the entirety of our meeting. I was put on my knees. The collar was put on me and I knew I was under her control. I watched as she put on her outfit. Latex. Black. Shimmering. I was made to shine her latex, which I greedily and obediently did. Fishnets all the way up. Heels. The outfit showing her incomparable curves. Legs like nothing else. Calves like nothing else.  The most incredible ink. She knew I was in awe and was enjoying toying with me. Teasing me all the time. My hands were tied. I lay on the sofa. Legs were bound together. She whispered in my ear everything she would do to me. What we had discussed before and more. How I was her toy. Her play thing. How she was going to fuck me.  Some filthy talk. Spitting in my mouth. Blindfolded and bound, I was made to lie on my back. She told me she would control me and had my balls tied up. I became a chair. I lost my breath as I was being smothered. Being allowed to gasp for air. Teasing me all the time – enjoying showing me that she was in charge. I could barely breathe but loved every moment. 

Once that once done, I was flipped over, told to raise my back and watched as she put on the harness and the biggest cock I had seen. Despite myself I was craving it. She knew I did. She knew how to fuck me, which she did greedily and with much elan. Sensually, then hard, then sensual again. Reading my body and making me her slut. Encouraging me to let go. I remained hard throughout. I lost track of how long it lasted. But at some point, I was flipped over. Legs raised and bound. Fucking me whilst making deep eye contact. The ending was something we had talked about and was unbelievable. All caring and now rush as I came down off that high. I slowly emerged from that space. But I knew it wouldn’t be the last time and we were already planning the next session.