9. The Chair

A note from Madam. This is a story written by my favourite little chair, who has served me for a long time as a loyal slave. Every time together is thrilling, and the twinkle in its’ eye is oh so very rewarding. After the last session I received some glorious follow-up messages of admiration and devotion. They were so beautifully written that I asked for more, more words to re-live the experiences we have shared together… so, please do enjoy.

Without a word he obeyed, got down on his knees, and crawled across the floor as instructed.

Quickly he found himself stark naked on his back, and completely restrained. Both his arms and his legs were tightly fastened in robust, secure leather bindings: his hands behind his back. If he wanted to escape, there was now no chance- he wasn’t going anywhere. He was completely at her mercy.

With a chuckle to herself, she brought out a chastity device and forced the first piece into position. Despite his nerves and apprehensions, he found himself becoming erect, quite of its own accord. It was like she had it on a remote control and could toy with it as she pleased. She left him stewing in silence just long enough for the erection to fade- and soon it too was locked up and restrained. No more erections allowed. No longer possible.

Smirking down at her helpless slave, she dangled the key in front of his eyes, then slipped it on a chain around her neck and left it hanging tantalising in her cleavage. Instantly, the cage was brought into action and the futile swelling was constrained. But nevertheless she toyed with him more, caressing her curves and bringing them within a whisper of his face. In desperate exasperation, the slave could not help but strain wildly against his restraints- with no real hope of freeing his limbs, but simply unable to control himself. Skilfully she kept her breasts- and the key- always just out of his reach. Despite his most frantic efforts, he went absolutely nowhere. He was barely able to move at all. Still face to face with her massive chest, and the small shining key just millimetres away, he was nevertheless gradually subdued, and gave up. Realising the utter futility he let out a couple of weak, helpless and resigned groans, as the cage did its job.

With a condescending pat on the head she informed the slave that it was her property now and she would do exactly as she pleased. Then grabbing his face firmly with one hand she looked him straight in the eye and said “You’ll achieve nothing with those struggles, Slave. You must fight against these urges. You’re better off just accepting- this is your place in life. Now, do you understand?” He nodded, frantically. 

“Good boy. We shall commence your training then.” She spoke no more, turned around quickly, and abruptly took a seat on his face.

Suddenly the slave’s predicament escalated even further as he was engulfed by her perfect curves. She had sat on him so casually as though he really were just a chair. As he took in his new reality the chastity device dug into him extremely hard- he could no longer breathe properly, yet he was instantly, desperately aroused. At first, he tried to turn his head but there was nowhere to go- just more of Madam’s perfect, round ass waiting to smother him. His face was pressed firmly into it and he was completely overwhelmed. His natural reflex was to panic and try to escape, but even before she had sat on him, he could hardly move an inch. Now he was truly immobilised, and though he struggled with all his might he knew he could do absolutely nothing, whatsoever. Above him, she laughed repeatedly as she effortlessly rode down his frantic, pathetic struggles. She allowed him enough air to remain conscious, and though his thinking was increasingly unclear, he soon realised that there was no choice but to accept that he was nothing but a seat. 

She sat for a long, long… long time, ignoring him totally and completely oblivious to his existence. After a while he realised he could hear the clack of her keyboard as she simply got on with her work on her laptop, utterly disregarding her piece of human furniture. He was being reduced to an object and really beginning to feel like one. Really beginning to become one. All of his senses were filled only with Madam’s total superiority. For sight he had only a view of her perfect body as it squashed and smothered him. His ears listened so intently for any instruction from his owner, that all other sound began to fade.  As he sniffed desperately at her panties for air, both his taste and smell were full only of her scent. All he could feel, was her, pressed firmly and relentlessly against him. He had no chance to speak. He had no chance to breathe. All his perception; his entire existence- his very life- was in the palm of her hand. But all the while- she just ignored him entirely. He was unworthy of her attention.

The training was exceptionally effective and it wasn’t too much longer before he began to realise that he really was a changed being. Long gone were the struggles now- instead total acceptance; no, gratitude for his new existence. Now that he was genuinely enslaved  not only did he have absolutely zero chance of escape, but he was unable to even conceive or consider the concept of escaping. It was no longer even a notion that he was capable of beginning to think about. And all the while he was still falling deeper, and deeper, and deeper under control… still trapped, desperately sniffing panties for each and every breath; mind-control pheromones direct to the brain, rewiring and reshaping him irreversibly into slavery. 

And yet, he was about to find his training was still far from completed. To this point all his progress had been achieved with an effortless, nonchalant Madam totally ignoring him. But now she had completed her other work, and she put her laptop away. 

From underneath her he heard the click of the key in the lock- and immediately sensed the lack of restriction as the chastity device was removed. Instantly, he was hard as rock, and already leaking. He felt Madam’s hands grasp him firmly instead. His passivity disappeared in a flash as longing, lustful desperation surged uncontrollable in him- he tried to thrust, tried anything, everything to gain pleasure but there was no other change in his circumstance and he was still totally restrained. Now Madam began to bounce herself gently on his face, slowly grinding herself tantalisingly all over him. He could feel her panties turn wetter, but do nothing at all but lie there as she took her pleasure on his face and denied him his. Again and again and again, she edged him right to the point of climax- skilfully ruining him at the last possible moment. He was now beyond flustered, and gasping- his brain entirely overwhelmed and overloaded, his very mind quivering and collapsing, unable to process any information other than the possibility of climax. He begged Madam shamelessly with every ounce of his being- muffled helpless begging from underneath her- the occasional word audible between bounces as she briefly lifted up only to slam grinding back down again “MMMMmpph PLEAmmppp   MMMPPPPHHH PLEASE MADAM!! mmmmpphhh pllllleaaasMMMMMMMM” …

The desperation rose higher and higher but Madam ruthlessly denied, and denied, and denied. Eventually he was completely broken, and all semblance of virility was utterly defeated. He lay trapped in Madam’s soaking panties and realised he would never orgasm again unless she decided. He was now completely owned, every fibre of his being enslaved, totally reduced to a desperate, quivering, helpless, bitch. He knew it, he accepted it, he wanted it, and craved it. Madam explained to him “You will never again be erect unless you are sniffing my panties- understood?” He nodded vigorously. “You can only get hard to this scent- breathe it in and remember it. Nothing else matters to you”.

Once she was fully satisfied, she let him out into the street. But though he was released, he was never unshackled. He was different now, and the change could never be reversed. Having ventured to explore a fantasy, he had instead become trapped in a new reality.

6 months later…

The slave lay naked on the ground. Completely unrestrained. No chastity. Madam stood before him. Flawless as ever; and in her skimpiest lingerie. She moved provocatively and seductively. The slave remained completely unaroused. 

Madam moved to take her seat on his face. Even as her panties descended on him- her property still remained unchanged.. Then with a single click of her fingers, it sprung immediately to life.