8. CNC

Consensual Non-Consentuality

A message.

It is extremely important to take notice of this. This is a fantasy that can only be carried out by consenting adults who are both fully aware of the scenario and have given consent to everything described during the role play. ‘Consensual non-consentuality’ is a controversial kink and you have to be 100% sure everyone is consenting with safewords in place before playtime.

Setting the scene: –

Ben has been working to re wire Jane’s property for 4 days, a job that he took on trust without taking a deposit on the basis that she promised to pay in cash as soon as the job was finished. He had to admit to himself that this was also influenced by the fact that he fancied the pants off her & often while he was supposed to be pulling wires, if he was alone in the house he would be pulling something else, imagining his rock hard cock between her gorgeous, enormous tits. It was a large old property, a warehouse conversion with plenty of timber floors and open ceiling beams.

Anyway, he was now finished and was tidying up when Jane came in to inspect his work. He noticed that she was acting coy & appeared nervous. Then she hit him with the bombshell, she had no money and couldn’t afford to pay him. But, she admitted that she never intended to pay him because she just knew that if she offered up herself as payment in kind he wouldn’t be able to resist.

His initial emotion was sheer anger…… with himself for being so stupid and at her for fucking him over. Five fucking grand? You think that fucking you is worth five grand?? I would rather pay a hundred quid to shag a street walker than give you the pleasure of my cock inside your filthy snatch. When she realised that she had over estimated her allure, she offered to pay him over the next 6 months but he was still furious as he needed this money. Then he started thinking with his little head instead of his big head and the fun started:

“Yes you will pay over the next 6 months you lying bitch. But you will start paying right now and the form of payment that I have in mind doesn’t need cash”

Jane was dressed in her usual slutty fashion, very short skirt & low cut cropped top, so her thighs, arse & breasts were all there for him to see and the very thought of what he had in mind had his massive erection bulging in his overalls, Jane could not fail to notice this and was immediately nervous. 

“Your choice Jane, you can either willingly join in with my little games, or I will rip every wire out of this building and leave it as it was when I 1st arrived!”

“Which is it to be?”

Jane was scared but she knew that she had fucked him over, she knew that she couldn’t risk having the work reversed and she knew that despite her trepidation, she was probably going to enjoy what she had coming” Little did she know just how deviant Ben’s plans for her were. 

He took a reel of electric cable and cut of a 3 meter length, then took a wooden chair and moved it into the middle of the floor, directly underneath an exposed ceiling beam. He also took off his T shirt, so he was now just wearing his working trousers and tool belt. Jane couldn’t help but be excited by the sight of his ripped upper body but she was so nervous at what he had planned for her that she soon let those thoughts go.

“Stand on the stool” he said in a voice that left her in no doubt that he was serious. Once she was up there he took a step back & rubbed the ever expanding bulge through his trousers. “Now imagine you’re a podium dancer in a seedy club… start gyrating for me and then start stripping like the slut that you are.”

She started gingerly but soon got into it & before long she was stepping out of the skirt that she had allowed to fall to her feet. Then the blouse came off leaving just her underwear. She was surprised when he told her to leave it there and hold her arms out towards him, wrists together. She started to get worried when he used the cable to bind her wrists. Then he brought over his step ladders, placed them next to her, climbed them until he could pass the cable over the beam, pull it so that her arms were stretched up above her head, loop it around and secure it so that Jane was standing there on the chair, on her toes, in nothing but bra and g-string. Just to make sure she didn’t struggle too much, he took a reel of tape and used it to secure each ankle to the side bars of the chair back. Whilst she was anticipating his next move, he did what tradesmen often do… he went over to the kitchen area and made himself a cup of tea. Not saying a word, he took another chair, placed it about 5 meters in front of her and sat there drinking his mug of tea. Stopping to tell her to keep reciting that she was a filthy cheating bitch who deserved to be punished; saying it over and over. Until he had finished his tea. Jane was thinking that this was more embarrassing than if he had started physically taking advantage of her position. What she wasn’t expecting was for Ben to unzip his trousers enabling his rock hard erection to escape. OMFG! She had never seen a cock this huge in here life, and she has seen an awe full lot in her time. He didn’t speak, he just started slowly stroking it. He had large hands but he could have got them both around it and some. His next move had her very scared; he stood up, reached to his tool belt, took out a pair of cutters and made his way towards her, waving them in front of her face. “What should I do with these then?” He asked her, “where should I start cutting first?” If she wasn’t secured to the beam and chair her knees would have buckled with fear. This is getting serious she thought. Her relief when he used them to cut away her bra and g-string was palpable. So much so that she didn’t even get embarrassed at the fact that she was standing there with her naked breasts and pussy inches away from her electrician, her hired help! Ben couldn’t resist taking advantage of this, biting hard on both nipples and slapping her bare arse. Jane squealed and begged him to stop. He did but only to spit on his fingers and wet her pussy, roughly inserting a finger inside it to make sure that it was thoroughly wet then he took his largest screwdriver from his tool belt, spat on the handle and rubbed the saliva around it before ramming the handle into her wet cunt. Jane screamed but whether this was pain or pleasure neither of them knew. When the handle was all the way in with just the metal shank hanging out he just left it there.

Next he went back to the reel of tape and wrapped it around her head and eyes leaving her completely unable to see. Once again she was nervous, she was visibly trembling, most visible by her enormous tits wobbling. She therefore didn’t see Ben cut another length of cable, about a meter long, he wrapped one end around his right hand and walked behind her. The shock that she felt as he used it to whip her hard across her bare arse outweighed the pain, even though an enormous welt was immediately visible across both cheeks. She instinctively went to move her hands to hold her cheeks but obviously this was impossible given she was stretched and tied up. The next thrash was less of a surprise but much more painful, especially as it landed almost perfectly onto the welt mark. 18 strokes later Jane was crying like a baby, tears running down her trembling face and audible sobs leaving her mouth as her chest heaved up and down despite her stretched out position. The relief she felt when he stopped was short lived as the next target of his home made whip was across the top of her tits before a 2nd crack that caught both nipples. Now the cries had stopped, she was just begging him to stop, which to her delight, relief and surprise he did. His next move was to yank the screwdriver out of her pussy but instead of placing it back in his belt, he went behind her, pulled he arse cheeks open, spat onto her arsehole a few times before using the screwdriver to plug her. Ben’s final act was to climb up onto the 2nd chair in front of Jane. He was aware that she had been lusting after him since he started the job 2 weeks ago but was determined that she would get any pleasure from this so he was not going to fuck her. He simple put his hand behind her head and pulled it forward so that his cock went in her mouth and down her throat forcing her to gag. He thrusted back and forth while pulling her head towards his groin until he was ready to cum at which time he pulled back so that is spunk sprayed all over her face and tits.

“Are you expecting any visitors” he asked her? “Yes” she spluttered, one of my girlfriends will be here in about half an hour so you better let me down and fuck off quick, never coming back”. “I think not” Ben said, you don’t get off that lightly after fucking me over for five grand. I am leaving now but you are staying there. You will have 30 minutes to think about what you did and remember the harsh lesson that you learned. I will leave the door open so that your friend can walk in and find you naked, tied to a beam, taped to a chair, face and tits still dripping with spunk with a screwdriver hanging out of your arse.” “Oh the embarrassment” Ben chuckled “But, in the words of Annie, I’ll be back, as we both said earlier that this payment will be over 6 months so I will turn up whenever I want to with more ideas of what punishments you will be subjected to. Can I suggest that you pay the carpenter and plasterer in cash as soon as they finish their work!” Then he said no more as he put his t shirt on, picked up his tool bag and walked away.