7. ‘Forced’ Bi

Pushing Slut’s Boundaries

Those of you who read my latest blog post, the email from my slave whom I had weaned onto watersports will know what an expert I am at extending my subs’ boundaries. Well this is how I took that same slut to new levels again by engaging him in bi-play. I had another sub who wanted to be watched as I punished & humiliated him before fucking the person watching him. My recent W/S convert agreed to be the 3rd party in this session, it was to be the 1st time he had sessioned with another male sub let alone got physical with another man. I brought him into the room 1st and explained that he was going to be placed naked in a cage, hands tied above his head with an electric butt plug inserted and his cock protruding through the bars at the front of the cage. However, before this I was going to use him for my amusement with the other submissive & for this I had to dress him in a micro dress, stockings, a pink wig and stilettos and complete the look with tarty make up. I then invited the other sub into the room and instructed him to sit on a chair in the middle of the room whilst my slave gave him a very sexy lap dance, he was given permission to touch my slave but not his own cock. Slave started gyrating very tentatively at 1st but after a while I think he was enjoying himself. This was confirmed as he lifted his skit to reveal his erect cock sticking up out of his little panties. The seated sub wasted no time in stroking the tip, making slave boy shudder, I think with pleasure! Once slave was naked but for stockings & stilettos, having been thoroughly groped by the sub I steered him over to the cage & tied his wrists together before stretching them above his head & attaching them to the hook hanging from the top of the narrow cage, even in his high heeled shoes he was having to stretch to his limits making it very uncomfortable. He would get no relief from this until he was needed later in the session. I turned him around, squirted lube between his cheeks & roughly inserted the plug, making him yelp like a puppy. I then fiddled with the remote control until I found the program that would give slave the sensation of being fucked but with added painful pulses to ensure he didn’t enjoy it too much. I positioned him towards the front then shut the cage door so his hard member was sticking out through the bars ready for later. For now he could watch and listen to my other sub’s torment. 

Sub was transformed into a true sissy and made to entertain me by reciting nursery rhymes and skipping up and down the dungeon. Her subsequent punishment included CP administered using paddles, a whip, a very heavy leather strap, my long metal shoe horn and of course the cain. I could see slave boy in the cage getting more and more aroused the more severe my strokes became. Subby’s cries made slave boy drool much to my surprise given his previous reluctance to session with another male. 

Now onto the really interesting part of the session; the co-erced bi interaction: I handcuffed subby’s hands behind his back and ordered him to waddle on his knees over to the cage. I could see that slave boy in the cage was beginning to have second thoughts about what he guessed was about to happen but a few very sharp strokes of the cane on his cock soon reminded him of his place and his duty to Madam Esmeralda. “Start sucking” I instructed subby, after which my slave received his first ever blow-job from another man. His initial reaction was to try to pull back but because he was so stretched he was unable to escape subby’s gaping mouth. As his hands were still cuffed behind his back he could only use his lips and tongue to work on the by now very hard throbbing cock. Just to remind them of who is in charge, I kept cracking my cain across the arse of the kneeling submissive slut. I once hit it so hard that he tried to clench his teeth which caused slave boy to give out a piercing cry as his cock was engulfed in pain. This probably extended this part of the session as his obvious discomfort delayed his inevitable orgasm but when it came it was a joy to behold. Slave boy shuddered then thrust forward so that as the first spurt of cum shot out, the tip of his cock was right at the back of the sub’s throat forcing him to gag, spitting a mouthful of spunk all over slave boy’s groin. Slave wasn’t finished though; just as subby took his head back, slave gave another spurt that splattered all over his face. As it ran down, some in his eye, he was unable to wipe it as his hands were firmly behind his back. I was definitely turned on as I watched the spunk dripping of his chin onto his chest. Slave boy was finished (so he thought) and I quickly released his hands as his body needed to relax. However, he still hadn’t fulfilled his role in this session so I lead him over to the spanking bench & secured him with straps across his back, thighs and calves as well as both wrists, rendering him completely helpless as he was in the vulnerable position of having his naked, plugged arse at our mercy. I removed the plug and instructed the sub to get behind him at which time I released his hands. Sub knew what was coming next and it was his time to have a rock hard throbbing erection. I covered this with a well lubricated condom and gave him permission to fuck slave boys little ass and use his now free hands to slap his cheeks as he did it. It wasn’t all pain free for him though as I gave him a few well aimed whacks across his already red raw arse with my brass shoe horn as he thrust into slave boy. This mixture of pain and pleasure was too much for him and he had a shuddering orgasm while he was balls deep inside slave’s arse. 

I left slave tied to the bench as we cleaned up the sub and got him showered and dressed. He had left by the time I unstrapped slave. I couldn’t resist giving him a few hard strokes of the cane as a punishment for enjoying himself too much, something that he neither confirmed or denied. I asked him for feedback and he told me he needed time to take in exactly what had just happened but I was sure from the smile on his face when he eventually left that he had not yet fully scratched that particular itch. After all, he had been fucked and sucked but had not fucked a guys ass had he……..yet!