6. Watersports

Hello Madam Esmeralda,

My perfect Madam Esmeralda, I have been fantasising & masturbating today based on the journey that you have taken me on in regards to Water Sports. I hope that you are not offended by this e-mail which details the progress that I have made in this form of worship & how I would really like to take this aspect of my absolute submission to you to the absolute ultimate level.

Do you remember Madam, the 1st time that I had the privilege to serve you, I gave you my limits & any form of watersports was a clear no go as far as I was concerned, it was simply something that I had no interest in & that actually turned me off. Thank you for honouring my wishes then, but I now know that you knew all along that  you would train me to endure, maybe even enjoy this aspect of your total control, domination & humiliation over me. I apologise for repeating details that you must remember but this is all part of my journey into being Madam Esmeralda’s piss slut, something that I  never dreamed would happen.

So the 1st time that I took your gorgeous nectar, was when you made me sit in the bubble bath when you visited me in Shoreditch. I have to admit that the fact that I was in a very deep, hot bath, helped me come to terms with the fact that you were actually pissing on me. I thank you to this day for keeping the flow totally on my belly & especially on the hand that was wanking my cock as it got saturated in your piss. Then however, the next time that we met; OMG, this was even more forceful from your side. Anything else might have turned me away from this kink forever & that would have been such a shame. The really bizarre thing about that instance was that although I was reluctant to take your nectar for the 1st time, I made myself cum whilst you were  soaking me with your nectar but as you will recall, I kept wanking and hand an incredible 2nd orgasm while rubbing your golden nectar all over my body, that, I assure you was completely unheard of for me.

So, I am now getting used to the humiliation & degradation that is being pissed on as part of a domination & humiliation session. But the next time that we sessioned you took it to a new level. Okay, we had agreed to a double dom session with you & your gorgeous mature dominatrix partner. What I hadn’t banked on however, was the double water-spots finale.Here I was, someone who had been a watersports virgin just 3 months ago, being forced to sit in the shower cubicle whilst 2 beautiful Mistresses  soaked me in piss. Respectfully though.you both kept your aim beloy my neck and none of the liquid entered my mouth.

It started to dawn on me that I was being a failure & not at all truly submissive by dictating the target areas that you could aim at when you gave me your golden shower. Which is why, our watersports activity has gone to a new level. We have progressed to me lying on the floor, looking up at you as you send a powerful jet of your nectar all over my face. Who could have imagined this a few years back when I didn’t even want any piss anywhere on my body. So, our next watersports experience went to a completely new level that I am still struggling to believe that (1) You absolutely used your dominating personality to force me to submit to this…..and……(2) How much I absolutely adored it. There I was, arms & legs bound securely. Lying on my back on a rubber sheet; you kneeling over me, legs either side of my head. As I was staring at the source of what was soon to shower my face, I felt a level of submissive excitement like never before, I hope that you enjoyed the power that you had over me & how you were going to humiliate me, as much asI did just lying there waiting for the inevitable. When it came it was so much more powerful than I could have possibly imagined. Your forceful deluge of golden nectar, coming down from just a few centimetres above my mouth. Most of it went into my mouth & such was the force that I had no choice but to swallow it. To this day I cannot believe how good it tasted, warm & sweet as it was shooting down my throat. I was actually keeping as much as I could in my mouth so that I could savour every last drop. How disappointed was I when you had finished, when every last drop had dribbled into my gaping mouth. Even now as I am recollecting this journey from timid watersports novice to someone craving your juices in my mouth, I am so looking forward to our next session so that I can once again be the target of your perfect jetstream of warm sweet nectar.

Thank you Madam Esmeralda