Unplanned Debauchery 😈

Those of you who know me will be aware that I operate from my own excellent dungeon in the heart of London, premises of which I am rightfully extremely proud given that I have built it up myself over the last few years. Whilst this means that most of my subbies and slaves come to serve me here, I do also enjoy the occasional outcall. Obviously this would only be to a top London hotel or a quirky venue that tickles my fancy. In fact one of my recently posted movies was filmed in a London Hotel suite and that was excellent fun. I get a buzz from the fact that the occupants next door may hear the moans and whimpers of my submissive and guess what he is going through! Also, whilst I can be extremely discreet, I do sometimes arrive with the curved handle of my cane protruding from the top of my suitcase full of the tools of my trade. Then when the sub comes down to meet me he tends to blush as the receptionists or other guests in the lobby see us get into the lift together, even better if someone is in the lift with us. Anyway, the experience that I am about to relay to you happened on a recent visit to a regular client at well known a 5 star West End Hotel. He had booked himself into one of their best suites with a high balcony overlooking Park Lane. However, just as I was getting out of my taxi, my usually reliable subby called me to cancel. I was particularly disappointed as this session was to include dinner and cocktails where I was going to be bossing him around, ordering for him & showing him up in front of the waiting staff and other customers. My disappointment was overcome when he assured me that I could stay in the suite, he would still pay for my time & I could treat myself to dinner on him if I wanted to. So began a night to remember…..

Once I had checked in, been shown up to my suite, lounged in the enormous jacuzzi bath for an hour (oh yes & made good use of the powerful Hitachi wand that I had packed for use with subby), I got myself dressed up and headed down to the cocktail bar at about 8:30. It was beginning to get busy but I managed to get myself a table which gave me a view out of the floor to ceiling window whilst also allowing me a perfect people watching view of the entire bar area, from where I ordered a bottle of champagne. I was suitably dressed in a stunning but short dress with a low cut top giving everyone the benefit of a view of my gorgeous thighs and voluptuous breasts. One person in particular, a well dressed man who looked to be in his early 50s water no time at all in admiring the view, and I don’t mean Park Lane & Hyde Park! Just when I was thinking that maybe he was going to hit on me, a beautiful woman about 15 years his junior walked up to him & gave him a long hug & a welcoming kiss. The thing was though, her presence did not stop him from focussing all of his attention on me, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by his date. As I sipped my 1st glass of champagne, I could see that they were discussing me but they both looked away when they saw that I had clocked this. Eventually, he disappeared, I assume to the gents so I took my chance and approached her, asking why they found me so interesting. To which she genuinely apologised and asked if we could have a private chat in about 10 minutes which I agreed to. She said she would get rid of him for a while and she was good to her word, as soon as he returned they had a quick chat and then he took himself off, back to their room she later told me. Now the evening started to get really interesting and for the first time ever I was glad to have had a cancelled session. She introduced herself as Candice and I got straight to the point and shook her hand whilst telling her that I was Madam Esmeralda, one of London’s premiere pro-dommes. Candice apologised for her partner’s blatant ogling of my body and admitted that he had suggested to her that he thought I would be an easy target to get back to their room for a threesome and that he had actually sent her to set things up whilst he went up to “prepare”. Very presumptuous, I thought. She explained that whilst she was not averse to such activities, she had been looking forward to a romantic night together and this had somewhat spoilt it for her. Candice did however add that if she were to get involved in sexual activities with another woman that I would be exactly her type and she could tell from our short conversation that we would get along fine, a sentiment I completely agreed with. By now I could sense her anger at her ruined evening and I was already hatching a plan that would give us both a great deal of satisfaction, I was after all already being tributed for the night by my absent subby. At this point I do have a confession: Candice was stunning and the prospect of seeing her naked later was making me wet and very horny. Candice made no secret of her admiration for me being a dominatrix and was only too willing for us to use my skills to teach her errant partner, Gavin, a lesson he will not forget in a hurry. Originally Candice suggested that the 2 of us go straight to her room but I explained the amount of equipment that I had brought with me for my cancelled session and how it would work far better if they came to my suite. We spent the next 1/2 hour planning how we wanted things to pan out and to my delight it went like clockwork.

Candice got Gavin to agree to come to the suite on the basis that it was far better than their room with a huge round bath big enough for all of us and a balcony where we could chill out in between activities. He also went along with being blindfolded as they entered the room, this was a sexual thrill for him but he did not have a clue why Candice had suggested it. I had spent the last 1/2 hour preparing the room: Laying out toys, whips, canes, restraints and whilst it was a struggle by myself, I managed to set up the under-the-mattress 4 way bed restraints which had leather cuffs in each corner of the bed. There were also straps & connectors attached to the bars of the headboard by the time I heard the knock on the door. I will explain their purpose later but they were certainly going to add to his discomfort. The beauty of this whole scenario is that it was totally consensual. Candice knew exactly what was planned; Gavin had suggested the threesome, had agreed to come to my room, agreed to be blindfolded and had been told this was to enhance the kinky experience of a lifetime she had planned for him. I opened the door & Candice’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw how I was dressed. I was wearing a black PVC 2 piece with a micro skirt and black latex knickers. My thigh length lace up PVC boots had 5“ heels making me equal height to Gavin & taller than Candice. She placed her hand up my skirt onto my 1/2 exposed bum cheek as she gave me a kiss on the lips, she then asked Gavin if he would like us to undress him before he took to the bed. As he nodded eagerly, I started by unbuttoning his shirt whilst Candice undid his belt & trousers, allowing them to fall down to his knees exposing his extremely erect cock poking out over the top of his boxers. She removed his shoes, enabling him to step out of his trousers and as she pulled down his boxers he in turn stepped out of them. Me removing his shirt left him naked expert for his socks. As we eased him onto the bed & lay him on his back his cock was literally throbbing so much that it was bouncing. Even when we each took one of his arms & lifted it over his head to attach to the cuffs on the top 2 corners of the bed he meekly complied, thinking he was in for some soft tie and tease maybe. However, when we each sat on his legs, facing away from him, he showed the 1st sign of unease and tried to bend his legs as we were stretching them out but he was too late to stop us wrapping the ankle cuffs and fastening them tightly so he was spread eagled on the bed, naked, erect and helpless. “Please wait there while I snog Candice & help her to get naked” I whispered in his ear to which he gave out a gentle moan. I did exactly what I had told him, helping her out of her dress and she had conveniently removed her underwear before coming to my suite. It was Candice’s turn to talk to him now, explaining that he would have to wait a while as we explored each others’ bodies, at which point we removed his blindfold. As his eyes adjusted to the light, his face was a picture of lust followed by bewilderment as he 1st saw me kissing Candice’s nipples before noticing my dominatrix attire and then fear as he saw the array of equipment laid out around him. Just as he was about to shout out, I pushed my latex clad arse into his face, muffling any sound he was about to make. His twitching erection told me he was enjoying this which I didn’t mind too much but Candice wasn’t so happy so she picked up a small whip & cracked it across his cock so hard that even I winced. As soon as I lifted myself off his face Candice held his head while I firmly strapped on a ball gag to stop him annoying the neighbours too much! I asked Candice to feel free to use any of the equipment that she wanted to and the 1st things she picked up were a pair of very fierce nipple clamps which she wasted no time attaching to him, making his whole upper body try to wriggle free but he was bound to tightly move. I think I saw tears in his eyes. She then asked me to take a turn in punishing her arrogant piece of shit boyfriend as she called him. The fear in his eyes as I lit the candle & held it above his cock & balls was an absolute picture. Then as the hot wax dripped over his sensitive parts he actually looked to be enjoying it. As those who are used to this know, hot wax is a very sensual pain nowhere near as bad as you would imagine. However, when Candice grabbed his cock and asked me to use a crop on the tip I jumped at the chance and his sensual pain turned to agony as I administered 10 hard whacks. As I finished, Candice spat over his still erect cock, I could tell she was seriously pissed off with him for planning a different type of date to what she had in mind for them. I suggested to her that perhaps he deserved some pleasure amongst his pain so we removed the gag and Candice sat astride his face, demanding that he use his tongue to make her come. After 5 minutes she was jerking backwards & forwards having what she later told me was one of her strongest ever orgasms. As she climbed off him she lent forward and just as he thought she was about to kiss him she gave him 2 extremely hard slaps around the face. The final act whilst he was in the starfish position on the bed was to use one of my favourite CBT items, one that is feared & loved in equal measure by at least one of my loyal subs…..the e-stim machine: Gavin looked petrified when he saw me take the machine out of the box and even more so when I plugged it in & attached 2 wires with loops on the end which I attached to his still rock hard cock. Candice nor Gavin had ever seen one of these devices before and I have to say that even she looked a little nervous but I reassured her that this was safe, especially in my expert hands. I spent the next 15 minutes twiddling the knobs to send various pulses of electricity through Gavin’s twitching erection, using different modes varying from steady stabbing like sensation to initially slow & low pulses rising in speed & intensity over 10 seconds to a level that made him yelp but this soon dropped down & repeated. Let’s say Gavin was pleased when I said that I had finished with this device but not so when Candice asked if she could have a go before we moved on. I should have guessed that she would be an absolute bitch to him and give him 10 seconds of very high intensity shocks that had him wriggling like an eel out of water as well as screaming loud enough to wake the dead. Remind me not to get on the wrong side of Candice!

Now for the tricky manoeuvre – Unfastening his feet while keeping control of his legs. Fortunately a lot of the resistance had gone out of Gavin by now so it was a lot easier than I thought. The trick was to release the ankles whilst keeping the cuffs on them, push his legs up in the air pointing behind his head and quickly attach the ankle cuffs to the straps that were connected to the headboard bar. Once this was achieved, poor Gavin is lying there, arms still stretched out to the top corners of the bed but now his feet are up above his head, connected by straps to the headboard. This obviously leaves his arsehole & cheeks totally vulnerable & begging to be punished & fucked. I took 1st go with the paddle, 20 hard strokes on each cheek, leaving them both glowing red. Candice chose a heavy leather strap to really punish him by welting over the painful marks that I had already made; I could tell this was hurting him but I think the worst for him was the embarrassment of the position that he was in. Then onto the final physical punishment, the dreaded cane. I explained to Candice that this should really only be used by someone who knew what they were doing so she was happy for me to stripe his backside with 50 strokes, each 10 harder than the last. I actually admired his ability to take that much pain. Whilst Candice had left me to administer the cane, she was determined to enjoy the last act of Gavin’s punishment and humiliation. I happily fitted her into my strap on and applied plenty of lube to his arse and stood back and watched as she entered him with a medium sized dildo, slowly at first, then building into a rhythm before absolutely pounding him like a woman possessed until he could take no more and was absolutely pleading with her to stop as she was shouting at him “see how you like it you bastard, in future when a woman says not in the arse perhaps you will respect her wishes!”

Gavin’s punishment was over…..but not his humiliation. Before releasing his feet from above his head, we connected a leg spreader to his ankle cuffs then as we released his hands we cuffed them behind his back. So now he could stand but was still pretty helpless so it was fairly easy for us to lead him out onto the balcony, naked & trussed up and shut the doors and just leave him there. Candice and I had worked very hard so we deserved to relax. We did this by running ourselves a hot bubble bath, helping ourself to a couple of bottles of champagne from the suite bar and spending the next hour indulging ourselves & exploring each other’s bodies whilst swapping champagne kisses as poor Gavin had time on the balcony to consider his arrogance and learn not to take us beautiful yet powerful women for granted. Part of me thinks that it was certainly not the threesome that he had wanted that night, but afterwards he would admit that he had enjoyed being punished and humiliated by 2 gorgeous dominant women….which man wouldn’t?