4d. Slutty Secretary 

Happy Ending

Believe it or not, this story has a happy ending, which is something that I am familiar with 😉 However, our “friends” Mr Brown & Scarlett have a lot more torment to go through before we get there; after all, they do not deserve to be let off lightly for their bad behaviour. As those of you who have been following this saga are aware (and those who haven’t please report to me to explain why so that I can decide if you should be punished); Amanda & I had caught one of the younger office girls, Scarlett, on her knees in front of Mr Brown’s desk with a mouthful of his cock & balls. She had betrayed the rest of the office, especially me and Amanda and would have to pay for this. 

I had a plan whereby we could teach them both a lesson once and for all. At this stage I need to make a confession, this office job was just a means to an end; that being making extra money to fund my main role & passion: I am Madam Esmeralda, owner of an incredibly fitted out and well located dungeon in the heart of East London. This is my theatre, my stage, my palace of pain and punishment. Obviously none of my colleagues except Amanda, are aware of this but two of them soon will be.

After telling Brown & Scarlett to stand and get dressed I suggested to Amanda that I could handle this from here. She should head off home. When it was just the 3 of us, I explained to the two culprits that it was time that we tried to put this behind us and maybe we could all get on with each other and keep our jobs, after all we all needed to work together after this. They both agreed and when I suggested that we get a cab to my place where we could get to know each other better over a drink and some nibbles, they thought it was a great idea. Would they have entertained it if they new my devious plan. 

The taxi pulled up at my “venue” and I suggested that Brown waits outside for a while so that me and Scarlett can have a little girl to girl clear the air chat, he agreed to go for a walk in the nearby park until I messaged him to come up. Scarlett’s face was an absolute picture when she followed me into the main room of my venue. The 1st thing that caught her eye was the leather sex swing suspended from the iron frame, quickly followed by the adjacent spanking bench, complete with restraining straps. She paid particular attention to the suspended full body height cage in the corner which was somewhat ironic given what I had planned for her. She was open mouthed (also ironic for the same reason) as she looked around the room and saw the vast assortment of gags, whips, canes, floggers, crops and paddles hanging on the walls. Then she glanced at my collection of strap ins, dildos and vibes, alongside some very scary looking electric devices. The scene was capped off by the collection of leather body harnesses & various skirts, dresses, wigs and high heeled fuck-me shoes. Scarlett was almost in tears when she begged me not to use this equipment to punish her, promising me that she had learnt her lesson. This next bit is important so please take note: Every time that I punish, humiliate and dominate anyone in here, it has to be consensual! However, I was sure that if I explained things to her that she would consent to what I had planned for them both. She did and I was sure that she was also showing signs of eager anticipation…..who wouldn’t? So after summoning Brown back, I instructed Scarlett to strip naked except for her platform shoes & stand in the suspended cage with her arms raised above her head. I tied her wrists & attached her to the hook at the top of the cage, she really had to stretch to let me do this, very uncomfortable I’m sure, I then took a chain with clamps either end & attached it to her left nipple. She yelped like a puppy. When I attached the other clamp she whimpered some more so I needed to quieten her. “Open your mouth wide” I ordered her as I put a ball gag into it & fastened it behind her head. Now I was assured of no unnecessary noise from Scarlett I hung a weight onto the chain. Her knees would have buckled if she wasn’t strung up. I closed the cage and told her to just enjoy the next hour. Oh and she was already dribbling down her chin due to the ball gag. Before Brown arrived I changed into full Madam Esmeralda attire, emphasising my stunning curvy and powerful body so when he entered the room the 1st thing that he saw was a gorgeous dominant Goddess laughing at his surprise. The 2nd thing he saw was his little office shag, naked, stretched up, gagged, drooling and in obvious discomfort; I’m not sure which one of us caused the instant obvious erection to bulge in his trousers. Once again, I have to mention consent. I assured him that Scarlett had given her blessing to whatever I had planned and suggested he would go down in her estimation if he was not willing to submit himself to me as well. He, like her, had no hesitation in doing so. Whether this was eager anticipation or just a resigned acceptance I couldn’t be sure. Either way, he was told that he was about to be punished & humiliated and to add to his embarrassment Scarlett would witness the entire session. Over the next hour she saw him stripped naked, forced into a tutu, frilly blouse, stilettos and a pink wig. She saw him transformed by carefully applied make up and she saw him dance for our entertainment. She saw him strapped to the spanking bench where he was mercilessly caned, flogged, whipped and when he could take no more punishment, fucked by me with one of my larger strap ons. I saw not one flicker of concern for him on scarlett’s face. In fact when I removed the gag she was smiling, an act that I thought merited having the clamps removed although I “forgot” to mention just how painful that would be. I left her there to witness the rest of his punishment as I ordered him to position himself on the leather swing so he was leaning backwards & I could position his feet into the stirrups leaving his cock, balls and arse totally at my mercy. I soon got to work with my electrics. Firstly attaching 2 rings to the head & base of his cock then a sticky pad to his balls (after I had shaved them) and finally a large metal butt plug in his arse. For the next 15 minutes I took all of these up to a very high level of intensity causing him to wriggle like a live fish on the floor whilst crying out in pain although not wanting to look weak in front of Scarlett he did not beg me to stop (AKA use a safe word). I occasionally caught a glimpse of Scarlett, she was laughing at his discomfort.

Incredibly after all of this he had maintained an erection so I thought that he deserved to be able to release himself. After I had removed all of the electrical paraphernalia and stood him up I explained that his final embarrassment would be that he was going to masturbate in front of us, two of the girls from his office. Then when I explained that he would do this lying in the bath whilst he was being pissed on, he assumed that it would be my golden nectar splashing all over him but no, I released Scarlett and ordered her to follow him into the bathroom and squat over him, feet either side, arse facing his face, her staring at his cock as he stroked it and then to release herself so that when her hot piss squirted out it was directed straight at his face, in his hair, eyes, up his nose and mainly in his mouth. They were both mortified by this but had no choice so she duly straddled him & let go with an amazing gush that seemed to go on forever and as she finished he exploded his spunk as she lent  forward to take it all over her face.

This is when I was totally taken by surprise. As she stood up, his warm load running down her face Scarlett looked at me and begged me to put her through the same punishing ordeal that she had witnessed Brown going through. Wow! I didn’t need asking twice, however 1st things 1st, I wasn’t going to do this with her face covered in Brown’s cum so I instructed him to lick off every last drop and swallow it. His reluctance was obvious but to his credit he did it. I then ordered him to crawl into a floor level cage against one of the walls, still covered in piss and tasting a cocktail of this and his own spunk. I asked Scarlett if she was sure as I would be equally merciless if she was and she assured me that she had two orgasms whilst watching me with Brown, the second one being whilst she fantasised that I was doing it to her. I am pretty sure that the moment the first stroke of the cane welted her tender white bum cheeks she was regretting it. That was her own fault not mine so I carried on regardless of her cries for mercy. Similarly, when my strap on entered her cute little butt hole I knew that her cries were of joy as well as trepidation. When she was leant back in the swing, feet in stirrups after I had forced an orgasm with a powerful Hitachi wand, I dribbled hot candle wax over her pussy and tits. It was at this stage that I noticed Brown was on his knees, he was once again hard and he was wanking furiously at the site of his Scarlett’s suffering. What’s more, he had not asked for my permission so there was no way that he was going to cum. After unlocking the cage I securely handcuffed him behind his back, leaving him with the torture of his close to cumming cock twitching and aching but not able to release. 

I actually ended the session by kneeling in front of the swing, licking and sucking Scarlett’s pussy until she came hard, closely followed by me as I was by this stage using my favourite bullet vibrator on my clit so I came with my tongue deep inside her soaking wet pussy. 

The happy ending? Well me and Scarlett had had one so I allowed him to finish himself off as her & me exchanged deep french kisses whilst fondling each other’s breasts and wet pussies. But that wasn’t the happy ending to which I revered at the beginning of this final episode. Incredibly after this saga, Scarlett said that she would love to serve as my slave girl with my any of my clients who requested this scenario; let me tell you it takes more than a gentle stroke of the cane to make her squeal now, she is absolutely made for the role. As for Brown, he is now one of my best and most regular subbies which is okay as I quit my job so he is no longer my boss. Another thing, he never requests that Scarlett joins us in her slave girl role…….probably because they see enough of each other anyway! The Finance Director didn’t report Brown (read previous episode again if you can’t remember), she confessed that she had actually enjoyed it in a perverse fashion. And Amanda also gave up her office job as she too only saw it as a temporary arrangement, she is one of the best dominatrixes around. Not many months go by without us getting together in either hers or my dungeon for a double dom session with some fortunate, or unfortunate depending upon your take, slave. Do you fancy taking your chances? You know what to do….

I must thank my loyal slave D once again for writing these beautiful stories, my life is richer with you in it <3