4c. Slutty Secretary 

Ramping things up..!

Here we are back in the office. I very much doubt that Mr Brown got much sleep last night after the traumatic evening that he had endured at the hands of me and my new BFF Amanda. If you don’t know about that or want to be reminded of the sordid details, please check out episodes 1 & 2. 

Anyway, Amanda and I had made a point of arriving early this morning so that our pervy boss’s torment could begin as soon as he arrived into the office. We had both come dressed in white blouses and tight black skirts, definitely the Lady Boss look today! As soon as he walked in there was no doubt that he had obeyed our instructions to insert the metal butt plug into his butthole before his commute to work; his unusual, rather pained walking style was a give away. However, how could we be sure that he had also replaced his boxers with Davina’s sequinned thong. (Remember Davina is his alter ego lap dancer.) There was only one way to check this and so we instructed our by now compliant boss to take down his trousers to show us his very revealing underwear. Of course the added problem for him here was that he knew that the other girls in the five would be arriving about now so someone could easily come in and catch their boss standing there, trousers around his ankles, arse cheeks very much on display and his cock & balls struggling to escape from the front of the thong. The fact that the disgusting little man was getting an erection made it an even more amusing sight. Fortunately for him, we allowed him to pull his trousers up before anyone else came through the door. We also had time to show him the remote control that I was holding, the little device that was going to be tormenting and embarrassing him for the rest of the day. 

We just had time to demonstrate some of the sensations that he would be subjected to over the next few hours. Firstly we put it in arse fucking mode. This gives the genuine sensation that you are being fucked and the higher I turn the intensity the harder the fucking becomes. To prove the point I zapped it to maximum and this had him leaning forward, hands on the desk, moaning with a mixture of pleasure and pain – actually I would say far more pleasure than I had expected. Then I switched to rising pulse mode, where the plug gives out sharp pulses getting higher and higher until reaching a peak & starting again. When I turned the intensity up the next set of pulses culminated in him crumbling to his knees and this time there was no pleasure amongst his screams, it was pure agony. This was when the 1st of our colleagues came through the door and was shocked to see her boss on all fours crying out in pain. I assured her that he had just banged his knee on the corner of a desk, something we all know is extremely painful. She swallowed this and walked off to her desk, leaving us to explain to Mr Brown that we would be sending him WhatsApp messages throughout the day with tasks and actions that he must carry out to prevent me from having a great deal of fun with the remote control. Not that I wouldn’t be sending a few tingles into his ass throughout the day regardless of how obedient he was. 

One by one the rest of the girls arrived and settled at their desks. However, I was very soon given an opportunity better than I could have dreamt – The Finance Director; a rather large and fearsome looking middle aged woman came in to talk with him about the lates sales numbers. She pulled up a chair next to him and they were looking at his computer screen. I wasn’t going to let this slip so I went straight into ass fuck mode and turned up the intensity on the remote. Brown let out an involuntary gasp and lurched forward before grabbing the desk, gasping and shuddering as the sensations shot through his arse. I stopped after 10 seconds but this must have seemed like an eternity to him. Just then his phone beeped and he read my message. Would he comply? ….

He looked at the FD and told her that having her so close to him has just almost given him an orgasm, exactly as my message had l told him to do. Before she could respond I sent another very quick burst of pulses to the butt plug, just enough for him to give out a quick moan and for his body to shudder again. Without any concern for the fact that she was in full view of the office girls she slapped his face, told him he has not heard the last of this and stormed out of the office. Fortunately for him, the rest of the office had no idea what had just happened or why. Time for my next message which was going to really test how scared he was of the little metal plug in his arse. He read it and looked over to me with a pleading pitiful look but I responded by sending a strong burst of painful electricity into his body, not the arse fucking mode, this time it was pure pain. It had the desired effect. 

Cast your mind back to last night when Mr Brown wanked until he came all over his desk, shooting all over his keyboard & papers. Well one of these papers was an order received from our largest customer and it was ruined. As per my instruction he took this paper over to the sales supervisor and just stood there wondering how on earth he was going to handle this task. Just to remind him that compliance wasn’t optional, a short boost of electricity juddered inside his ass forcing him to yelp, very embarrassing for him and very puzzling for the sales supervisor. “I need you to call this customer now and ask them to re-send this order” he told her. “Unfortunately, I masturbated at my desk last night fantasising over Esmeralda and my spunk shot all over it……look” as he showed her the ruined spunk stained order form as per my instructions. She froze for long enough for him to escape back to his desk before she could respond but it wasn’t long before she stood up, grabbed her bag, donned her coat and ran out of the office, probably to never return other than to file a complaint with HR. At which point Amanda stood up and asked him what he had said to cause Jayne so much upset? At the same time his phone beeped as I sent him further instructions, the most humiliating yet, and his arse rippled with electric pulses, this time not a short short burst but an ongoing set of sharp stinging shots of electricity forcing him down on his knees. 

In line with the message he somehow managed to answer Amanda in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear: “If you must know, I am a filthy pervert who waits until you have all gone home then fantasise about you all and mastrurbate over my desk. This ruined an order so I simply asked her to get the customer to resubmit it, what’s the problem with that?” … “What’s the problem?” Amanda shouted, just as I turned the device into arse fucking mode & upped the power, bringing sighs of pleasure from the now defeated Mr Brown, “What’s the fucking problem? I’ll tell you what the problem is Mr Brown. The problem is you, so me and young Esmeralda are going to stand up for the rest of the office who might be afraid to do so. We are going to punish and humiliate you for the way that you have humiliated firstly the FD, then Jayne the sales supervisor and no doubt would have gotten around to the rest of us but it stops here. Are you all with me girls?” Amanda received a unanimous yes from her colleagues. The only one who didn’t say anything was a petite, very pretty, very slutty looking blonde who just remained sat at her desk as if refusing to believe what she was seeing and hearing. Her name was Scarlet and you will be hearing more about her in our final episode next week. 

Anyway, the rest of the office were disgusted enough with our pervy boss that they agreed with Amanda & me  that we should teach him a lesson. Although they did not wish to join in they all said that they would love to watch us punish and humiliate him for his disgusting perverted behaviour. “What sort of pants do we think he wears?” I asked the others. “Shall we make him remove his trousers to show us?” Following their general agreement he dropped his chinos to reveal a sequinned thong, much to the girls’ incredible amusement. We then instructed him to get naked all but for the thong, telling him to do it in a sexy stripper sort of way. Of course, it wasn’t long until everyone could see that he had a butt plug in his ass – although we had to explain to one of the others just what that was. They didn’t need to know that it was electrified & that I was controlling his anal pain & pleasures. When Amanda forced him onto all fours, I asked if anyone wanted to register their disgust at our boss and some of them did not need asking twice. One of the younger girls walked over, leant down and spat a mouthful of saliva into his face and before long a number of them had surrounded him and were covering him in their well directed spit. The one who appeared to be the eldest walked behind him and connected with a very well aimed kick between his legs causing him to howl like a wolf and curl up in a ball clutching his balls. I looked at Amanda and we both knew that he had had enough, time to end his misery. We told the other girls that they should leave & that we would make sure Mr Brown was sorry enough to come back in the morning, apologise, admit his guilt and assure us he would make up for his filthy behaviour as long as we kept this amongst ourselves. They left. 

We got the assurances that we wanted so we told him to get dressed and leave after we had gone and then we both headed out leaving Mr Brown to regain his composure, get dressed and head home nursing wounded ride and very swollen balls. It wasn’t until we got out of the elevator that we both looked at each other with the same thought: Scarlet was still in the office. Why we wondered? Heading back up in the lift we both assumed she was maybe traumatised or just sitting there in innocent disbelief at what she had seen. How wrong we were. As we entered the office, neither of them heard or saw us, they were too busy. He was sitting on the edge of his desk and she was on her knees licking and kissing his swollen balls better, one finger where the but plug had been and intermittently taking his hard cock into her mouth. I’m not sure which of them was more concerned when they eventually realised that they had been caught, their faces were a picture of dismay and fear. 

Find out in the final episode how Scarlet came to regret siding with her perverted boss over the two sexy secretaries. 

Hopefully this series is inspiring Dom’s and submissive to act out this role play. It would really add spice to the session if you could invite a few vanilla friends of either the Mistress or the submissive to be the other women i the office. They would simply observe but this would add to the humiliation of Mr Brown.