4b. Slutty Secretary 

Sissification and Humiliation!

Now where were we? Oh yes, me and my new friend and colleague Amanda were standing in the office laughing our heads off at our boss, Mr Brown, who was kneeling down with his hands on his head. Oh yes, and he was naked! If you are wondering how we got here then you should read the previous story in this role play fantasy series 4a. You will soon realise that he totally deserves to be in this sticky predicament (because he is our boss and he is a pervert). This next stage of the role play follows straight on from where we left off last time so when we act it out in a session, the poor little subby has recently come, shooting all over his desk, and will be very self conscious and maybe a tad uncomfortable at the thought that he is going to continue being humiliated and punished in this way. Well that is just tough isn’t it because we are 2 dominant goddesses and he is our poor little submissive slave who is just here for our sadistic pleasure.

So, on with the story….

As I walked behind Mr Browns desk, I could see clearly just what a mess he had made of it. Considering that by my previous observations, that pool of spunk was as a result of his second wank of the day (I’m sure he had crept off to the gents for 1 earlier after perving up my pink PVC micro mini dress.) I must say that I was very impressed by the amount he had squirted and just how far it had shot over the desk, making a mess of most of what was on it: staff reports, balance sheets and an order from our largest customer (we will come back to that later in the series).

Anyway it was a mess & it needed cleaning up. “Crawl over here you worthless little prick” I shouted to him, sniggering as he waddled over on his knees. As he took his hands off his head to balance himself as he shuffled Amanda walked over, bent down and gave him a real hard slap across his face, “did I give you permission to take your hands of your head?” When he had recovered from the shock I grabbed him by the hair and forced his face towards the desk ordering him to lick off every last drop of cum. He initially pushed back but a slap from me to the other side of his face made sure he complied and he was soon lapping up his own juices like a cat lapping up cream only without the same look of satisfaction on his smug little face.

Amanda opened up the bag that she had brought with her when she surprised Mr Brown as she burst in earlier. Amanda has a gorgeous figure as I said earlier but she is a lot taller than me and a few dress sizes higher; very similar in size to Mr Brown as luck would have it. She placed a slinky turquoise stretch mini dress with lace up sides on the desk, followed by a pair of white fishnet stockings, a blonde bob style wig, a sequinned thong and a white bra. Poor Mr Brown knew exactly what was going to happen but it still needed me to tell him to get dressed which he did albeit we had to help him get into his fishnet hold ups. We then applied blusher, eye shadow and bright red lipstick to his quivering face. The look was finished off when Amanda produced a pair of size 7 white platform shoes (a size too small for him but he managed to get them on). Walking in them however was a different matter. We howled with laughter as we made him practice, he was like Bambi on ice.

“Right then you little slut, you are Davina the lap dancer & I want you walking around the room as if trying to impress punters. Really give it your sexiest best, wiggling your ass, showing off your legs, maybe lifting your dress to show an arse cheek”. When he got back to us from prancing around the office, Amanda called him over and asked for a lap dance. She sat in an office chair & told him to give her the sexiest, sluttiest lap dance ever. “Lots of touching yourself, plenty of slut drops and fingering your ass please sweetie”. But before you start I told him, you need a bigger audience which is why I have invited all of the other girls from our office, the CEO’s secretary and the 2 receptionists to come and watch this performance……Cue absolute silence only to be broken by genuine sobbing from the sexy looking slut Davina. Of course we hadn’t got an audience, nobody else knew a thing about our little adventures but I swear that I have never seen such fear on a man’s face in my life.

I put on the music, Donna Summers’ “Love to Love You Baby”, and told him to perform for Amanda. What I witnessed genuinely turned me on as it did Amanda by the look on her face and by the way she was touching & groping in a manner that would have had her thrown out of any lap dancing club in London. The way he removed each item of clothing made me wonder if he’d done this before, he seemed to be enjoying it. Whilst he cavorted for her, by now wearing nothing but the shoes, wig make up and an erection, I removed a strap on from Amanda’s bag, stepped into it and secured it ready for action. I pulled up a chair next to Amanda and instructed him to kneel in front of me, with his arse in the air, and to start sucking on my strap on. I ordered this slut to give me her best blow job & Davina got to work sucking & licking it but clearly hating every second. By now Amanda had collected a heavy leather paddle from her goody bag and was standing behind him. This is why I had told him to have his arse in the air.

The 1st time that she brought the paddle down onto his arse cheek his head shot forward and he deep-throated the strap on, gagging from that but at the same time crying out from the pain of the beating. Even I was shocked with the ferocity of that on an arse yet to be warmed up. But there was no stopping her and she gave him at least 20 extremely hard whacks alternating between each cheek until I had to tell her to stop. There was clearly some pent up frustration coming out from Amanda and I would find out later exactly what had caused it. Even so, I wasn’t finished and I ordered Davina to stay on his knees, holding on to the chair, as I got up and walked behind him. Amanda passed me a bottle of lube which I applied to his arse before gently easing the strap on inside him, thrusting harder and harder despite his moaning that he didn’t want to be fucked. “I didn’t want your fucking erection rubbing against my arse did I but you still did it” I whispered into his ear as I lent forward whilst still thrusting into him. In fairness by the time I stopped he had started pushing back onto the strap on so maybe he was taking to it? We were nearly finished, just one more punishment for tonight then he could go home and worry about what was to come over the next few days.

I asked Amanda to step aside as I instructed Davina to lie on his back on the floor. We wrapped 1 stocking around his head to form a blindfold & the other was used to tie his ankles tightly together whilst I stood over him, feet either side of his chest. “Start wanking you little pervert” I told him, but whereas he had been keen before he moaned that he might not be able to do it for a 3rd time. I explained that if he did not come by the time I was finished what I was about to do then he would be eating the evening meal from hell! In fairness to him, his cock was soon hard as he started rubbing it as I stood there, fingering my pussy & getting that feeling I get just before cumming. It started with a dribble and he turned his head to the side as the 1st few drops landed on his face. It then became a steady flow of warm juice running out of my gorgeous pussy and this time he couldn’t move his head as Amanda was kneeling behind him so that her knees & thighs were holding it in a vice like grip so every drop if my nectar was going on his face. Because some of it was going into his nose he had no choice but to open his mouth and that’s when I turned up the tap and it came out at full force filling his mouth so that he had no choice but to drink it down.

Just as I could feel the strength of my flow beginning to weaken, his wanking got frantic so I redirected the final spray all over his cock, balls & wanking hand. When his spunk shot from the end of his cock it mixed with my liquid and covered his belly, hand and groin. He was a total bedraggled mess. I stepped aside from him & untied his ankles as Amanda took off his blindfold. Mr Brown just lay there, trying to take in what had happened over the last 2 hours. “I suggest that you get this mess cleaned up, get dressed and go home” I said, almost pitying him.

Amanda handed him a shiny metal object. Mr Brown just looked at the stainless steel electric butt plug & asked what he was expected to do with it. I explained that he would take it home, along with the thong that Davina had worn earlier. He would insert it in his arse before coming to the office tomorrow and then put on this thong. As he commutes in on the train tomorrow he will be very self conscious that fellow passengers suspect he has a plug in his arse and is wearing a sequinned thong. Of course they won’t but that won’t stop him thinking it now that I’ve planted that seed. I went on to tell him that I had the remote control to the electric butt plug and throughout the day tomorrow I will choose my moments and ramp up the intensity and send pulses of electricity up his arse (I stress here that these devices are perfectly safe but should be used carefully & definitely with a safe word). There is a mode that makes you feel that you are being fucked, the intensity varies depending on the remote controls and I assured him that there will be times tomorrow where he thinks he is getting the fucking of his life such that he won’t be able to control his reactions…..in a full office, just hilarious.

I noticed that Amanda was sucking her fingers & then realised that she was tasting my liquid that had splashed over her whilst she was holding Mr Brown’s head. That really turned me on so I asked her if she would like to taste it from the source? My pussy was still soaked with it and I lay back on my desk and invited her to clean it with her mouth which she did with vigour until I had a fierce orgasm whilst Amanda’s tongue was inside me. Mr Brown had not got a clue what we were doing, he was now in a world of his own, dressed and busy drying the floor by his desk with rolls of tissue he had collected from the gents. The irony that he would usually give anything to witness what he had just missed did not escape either of us. There was only 1 thing left to do after Mr Brown had sloped off to ponder his fate. Amanda was the only 1 of us who had not cum today & she asked me if I would mind helping her to fix that. Taking her Hitachi wand from the bag, she plugged it in, switched on full continuous vibrations, handed it to me, hitched up her skirt, removed her knickers and lay back on her own desk with feet planted on the desktop, her knees in the air spread wide apart exposing her smooth, juicy pussy and telling me to make her cum as quick as possible. I think she lasted less than a minute, it had been 1 of those days. We got dressed, had a beautiful long embracing deep tongues kiss and left the office looking forward to what tomorrow held in store for us and Mr Brown, which will be revealed in episode 3!