3. Military PT!

Thanks slave D for completing your homework, this has been an absolute joy to read. You bring so much fun and value to my life. I am eternally grateful for you. Madam E xox

Homework as requested. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Love, Slave D.

I have always been quite fit & active, kept myself in good shape with plenty of exercise and sensible eating. However, like a lot of people I really let myself go during lockdown. The combination of the gyms being closed, boredom induced binging and excessive drinking at home has left me in a sorry looking state. Unsightly man boobs, flanges hanging over the side of my jeans and that horrible old man’s beer belly was really a sight for sore eyes. Only one thing for it, I needed a PT. Not just any PT though, I needed one who would not stand for any slacking and who would strike fear into anyone who did not come up to scratch. I was thinking someone like one of these guys off the SAS: Who Dares Wins reality TV show. But, instead of that I was given an introduction to someone who was to become either the PT of my dreams or my nightmares; I am still working that one out. If you want strict, like really incredibly ball busting strict, a girl friend told me, then look no further than M. Esmeralda. So after exchanging emails & messages I set off to meet this big, muscular, growling she devil who was going to make my life hell, although it would all be worth it if I got back into shape.

Imagine my utter shock when the most beautiful, perfectly formed Goddess answered the door & introduced herself as Esmeralda, the Strict Personal Trainer. How on earth was this pocket rocket going to knock me into shape? But as I had made the effort to get to this part of East London then I might as well stay & see how the hell she thought that she could possibly work miracles on this old wreck. Little did I know that when I was told that she was strict, just how strict and sadistic she was going to be. This lady was a true disciplinarian as I was going to discover to my cost.

I quickly changed into my training gear, which due to the weight gain was extremely tight, leaving nothing to the imagination. When Esmeralda, or Madam Esmeralda as I was ordered to address her from then on, returned to the room she was looking unbelievably sexy in her very skimpy 2 piece gym kit. So much so that the twitching bulge in my training pants was becoming very prominent. In fact in seconds I was fully erect & equally embarrassed. However, that embarrassment was nothing compare to how I felt when Madam Esmeralda, obviously noticing my predicament, ordered me to strip naked so that she could see for herself the pitiful condition of my body. So after sheepishly undressing, here I am, an overweight middle aged businessman, standing naked, with a hard on, in front of a stunning looking Personal Trainer 1/2 my age. I’m sure I have felt more awkward in my life but right there I could not remember if or when. Madam Esmeralda bursting into laughter did nothing to help lift my self esteem. I was ordered to lift my arms above my head, stand on tip toes and perform a 360º turn, almost ballet like, so she could get a good look at what she was going to go to work with. Worse was to follow as she shouted that I would not be able to perform the workout with an erection so she ordered me to place my hand underneath my throbbing cock so that she could give it a hard beating with a conveniently located stick that resembled a miniature cane. Those 10 hard strokes left my cock striped like a tiger’s back and certainly had the desired effect or getting rid of my hard on, as well as nearly reducing me to tears such was the pain. Lulling me into a false sense of comfort, she offered to rub some soothing balm into my throbbing but now flaccid cock. Relief? Not a chance, she had just smothered it in deep heat lotion, the agonising stinging ensured that it stayed soft. Once again I regretted wanting to meet a “Strict” PT.

Having dealt with my unwanted erection, she then instructed me to run on the spot, raising my knees to waist level with every step, for 5 minutes. Apparently this was just a warm up. Imagine the scene, my belly, man boobs, cock & balls all wobbling away as Madam Esmeralda took sadistic amusement as I started to sweat & breath harder. Then we moved into the real exercises. Firstly was to strengthen my core, a well known one called the plank. Face down, body straight, weight taken by toes & elbows. Sounds easy no? Not so after the 1st 60 seconds when I was dying to lower my body to the floor. What was stopping me? Just a conveniently located metal hot plate – the sort they use to keep food hot in a restaurant – placed beneath my cock ready to multiply it’s discomfort if I went low enough for it to make contact. I did at 1 stage get low enough for the tip of my cock to touch the plate and that was painful enough to ensure that I kept my body rigid for another 2 minutes. Does that sound easy? How about if I tell you that Goddess was beating my arse with a tawse for the last 60 seconds? Not what I expected, I was now in no position to question Madam Esmeralda’s methods.

Next came “The Donkey”: I was ordered onto all 4s, still naked, while Goddess straddled me so that I am taking her full weight and she instructed me to crawl up and down the room, carrying her on my back. Did I mention that she was holding a riding crop that was put to good use across my arse and thighs if I slowed down? This continued until I simply collapsed, unable to go on. Surely she would take pity & give me a rest? Actually yes she did. I was allowed to lie face down on an exercise mattress for as long as I needed to. The only catch was that I was to be caned hard once every 5 seconds as long as I remained like that. So I had the dilemma of either taking the agony of the cane or making myself ready for the next session of training. Madam Esmeralda joined me in a series of exercises including  squats, burpees, on the spot sprints, stretches and shadow boxing. At any stage I had the option of stopping before she told me to but the punishment would be 10 strokes of the cane, either on my hands, arse or feet. Throughout the hour I was subjected to these punishments numerous times and I could tell that Goddess actually wanted me to fail so that she could inflict this pain and take pleasure in me crying and begging her to stop. Strict I wanted and strict I was certainly getting!

Eventually we stopped and I was lead towards a vaulting horse where I was given a choice: 30 minutes of intense exercise on the horse or being tied over it to be at her mercy for my PT’s sadistic pleasure. I chose the latter so found myself bent over the vaulting horse with my wrists and ankles tied to the four bottom corners and my arse presented for whatever abuse she had in store for me. Just then I twisted my head around to see that Madam Esmeralda was removing her skimpy gym pants. Now baring in mind that she had been exercising for the last 90 minutes as well as getting some sadistic sexual pleasure from my pain, they were soaking wet with a combination of sweat and pussy juice. She grabbed me by the hair, yanking my head up with one hand whilst shoving her went gym pants into my mouth with the other, making me suck on the soaking fragrant gusset before stuffing the rest into my mouth. I am still not sure if this was meant to add to my discomfort but the taste of my PT was like the sweetest nectar and combined with the fact that her by now naked (except, ominously, her gym socks and trainers) perfectly formed body was right in front of my grateful eyes this gave me another solid erection. This was actually very painful as it was pushed down on the vaulting horse, accessible from behind through my legs.

After about 10 minutes of corporal punishment, accompanied by my cock being targeted from behind with a small electric cattle prod like device and verbal abuse telling me exactly how pathetic I was, I thought that my PT was being kind as I felt a cooling gel dripping onto my welted arse. But no, this was not a soothing balm, it was lubricant that Goddess was soon rubbing into my gaping, vulnerable arse with her by now gloved hand. First 1 then 2 fingers penetrated me, working their way deeper and deeper and there was absolutely nothing that I could do to stop her. Truth be told I’m not sure that I wanted her to stop, especially as the tips of her fingers reached my g spot, causing a serious amount of pre-cum to escape from my rock hard cock. My disappointment when she withdrew was replaced by more concern as I heard a loud buzzing sound and felt the tip of a vibrator between my cheeks. Madam Esmeralda slowly worked it all the way into my arse which was by now pushing back onto it. After about fifteen minutes she stopped and finally untied me. I was told that the rest of the session was going to be smooth and sensual as I had, to my surprised, pleased my new strict PT with my efforts and compliance, apparently talking far more punishment than she had thought I would be able to. 

I had one final task…..to satisfy my new Personal Trainer’s passion for having her delicious feet worshipped. But, whilst I am sure that her feet are usually an absolute pleasure to worship, she was still wearing thick socks and trainers and had been exercising and sweating for 2 hours. As I was ordered to take off her trainers then remove her socks with my teeth, she mentioned that this was the 4th training session that she had worn the socks without washing them. However, I had no choice but to bite on them and remove them 1 at a time. One of them was forced into my mouth, not quite as appetising as her soaked gym pants, but still divine, and I was instructed to massage her feet and toes. As I was doing this I heard her letting out a couple of little moans, this was obviously her thing, a fact proven when I noticed that 1 of her hands had moved down to her naked pussy and she was rubbing herself and getting very wet. She cruelly did not let me see what she was doing by blindfolding me, but I could hear the juices sloshing about, it was so hot to fantasise about but not quite see. This was the most frustrating and rewarding sensory deprivation. My next task was to remove the sock and worship her beautiful but sweaty little feet with my mouth and tongue. As I slipped her toes in and out of my mouth, sucking on them and flicking my tongue in between them, her finger action got more and more frantic, rubbing her clit and delving inside her perfectly formed tight pussy. Her moaning became louder and through her feet in my mouth I could feel her body start to spasm. 

I had served my purpose and satisfied my Strict PT to the extent that I was to get a reward! Sitting on the floor, facing the vaulting horse with my legs spread and my feet pushed against its wooden base, I had a view so perfect that it will never be unseen as she sat on the top of the horse, I could look up and see her fabulous breasts and her soaking wet pussy as this Goddess stretched her legs down and gathered my throbbing erection between her feet and poured oil over it from her lofty perch. There followed 10 minutes of mind blowing pleasure as my cock was treated to a foot job from heaven. When I came it was like no orgasm I had ever experienced in all of my years. My body shuddered for ages as I squirted out spunk like a fireman’s hose, all over her feet. As I lay on the floor, trying to comprehend what had happened since I entered this room my peace was shattered by Madam Esmeralda shouting at me that I was not finished. Her feet were absolutely covered in spunk and this needed to be cleaned off before she could stand up and walk. As I feared, it was my final duty to remove every trace of my cum from her delicious feet with my tongue. I cannot lie and say that I enjoyed that but by now I would do absolutely anything that this perfect woman demanded so within 2 minutes her feet were cum free and I had tasted by own juice for the 1st time. 

This was my 1st visit to Strict PT Madam Esmeralda but has not been my last. I can assure you that the next few times I submitted myself to this Goddesses training were as exciting, if not more so, than this but as they say, you never forget your 1st time and as long as I live I will never not have this incredible memory. I would like to think that this special treatment is reserved for me but deep down I know that Madam Esmeralda is so professional and such an expert at what she does, others will be reading this knowing exactly why I am eulogising like this! One more thing…… I am as fit now as I’ve ever been.