I’ve got to start with one of my favourite styles of play because I want to encourage the thing that turns me on the most, and that’s roleplay! There’s something so fun and naughty about being in character for playtime. Channelling a role that’s outside of my normal world inspires me to be far more outlandish and creative. I think the fact that I’m titillated just by the concept alone means that I am more animated than usual. If I’m a naughty nurse, I get such a buzz from all of our conversation revolving around the dirty fantasy. ‘How are you feeling today sir? Let me just check your pulse sir. Nice deep breaths…’For a while, I get to be somebody else. Perhaps it’s my (brief) background in drama that adds to the buzz. Or perhaps it’s the fact that I get to dominate your speech too, with every question, I enforce an answer that’s within the world that I have created for you.

I adore the the build up, the inevitable rise and fall of tension between us. I might be asking some normal things to start with, have you been feeling like this all week? But the unspoken words between us and the twinkles in our eyes of knowing where it’s going to go give us butterflies in our tummies.

After some close body to body inspection, fasting forward beyond the introductions, I might decide to notice that you have an erection. Oh sir, you seem to be having a bodily reaction to my contact. I shall leave you alone for a moment to compose yourself… I walk away. Did I flash you my panties on purpose there or was it an accident? I turn my head to give you a telling wink; it sets your heart racing.
When I come back, you’re rock hard. I pretend that I haven’t noticed the elephant in the room, but it’s raging up at us both. This turns you on even more. It’s so hard now and getting even harder because it’s being ignored despite being blatantly obvious – you are not in trouble either, so is she flirting with me? You are becoming insanely frantic with the hope that I will touch it.
You catch me looking now, this makes you dribble some precum from the tip of your cock. It’s time for your prostate exam now sir, are you ready? Oops, I just brushed your cock with my hand. It’s quite unprofessional of me but I can’t help myself right now.

OH GOD yeah better stop writing, now I am ready to act out this roleplay – it’s just the best. Alongside that comes my lust for the art of the tease. I was going to write about that in a separate section, but the two have come together nicely in this little fantasy conversation that’s gushed out of me.

The other epic fanny tingling thing about roleplay is, of course, the dressing up! The fact that I’m going to be in a naughty nurse outfit for this, containing and revealing my tight curves throughout makes everything more real. I’m buying my new outfit right now and I will add a photo of me wearing it soon! So, who’s interested!?