1. Welcome to my stories…

Let’s start the stories section off with a little sexplanation. This blog is going to be a titillating spitball of kinky ideas where I describe my fantasies to you. I will be sharing the inner workings of my perverted mind, generously giving you a free horny read. You will learn about the nature of BDSM and dominant/submissive dynamics, both traditionally speaking, and with my pleasurable personal insight. I will guide your imagination to run wild enticing you to the crème de la crème – recreating my fantasies with me in person.

If you’re a traditional submissive that takes pride in being devoted, you will know your No.1 goal is to please and serve your mistress, giving her full control to play however she pleases to ensure she is turned on, and achieving this is the only thing that will reciprocate for you. Instead of letting you come to me with your pathetically uninspired ideas, broad categories, and lack of imagination, I am taking control designing sessions that will be purely mentally stimulating for me. Allowing you to come with requests isn’t enough for me any more. After all, imagine the possibilities if you know our session is designed by yours truly, that it genuinely turns me on, and that you are the spawn enriching my life and serving me completely.

I invite you in to my mind, in turn my ideas will leak in to yours, and when you share my vision, that pure D/S connect will transport us to a far more excitingly intense world..